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Five out of the five…..Paris

Well here it is readers……
The second to last post in the blog of Poppins!! Well i could carry on but would people read a blog of my life?? Hmmmmmm it’s like big brother but in writing!
I am currently sat in Starbucks on the Champs élysées enjoying a grande extra hot, no whip, skinny mocha and the most delicious muffin whilst little man has a snoozle!! Oh the life of a nanny! Lucky me!
Paris has been fun and I have throughly enjoyed been out everyday just me and little man walking and seeing the sights! The weather has been kind to us and most of the days we have enjoyed the shunshine! The flight here was a good one from Geneva I think we were only on board just on an hour and it’s always made easier when you are in business class…..obviously! The lounge was funny………lots of rather smart looking business people going about their business, like business people do all quiet and professional and little man storms in and says in the loudest voice possible (like only a 2yr old can) “look aeroplane, look digger, look truck, look bus, look car!!!” obviously me and Mama thought it was hilarious and so adorable but not so much the business people!! We got lots of looks, a few raised eyebrows and even a shush!! You know when you go to the doctor or dentist and the surgery is super quiet and no one dares talk so you talk in a whisper or mouth to one another and try not to giggle at the silliness of it all??? Well this was one of those moments!! Chaos caused, quiet disrupted, plane boarded and off we went! Chic and unique Paris here we come!!
The apartment here in Paris is lovely in a fabulous location surrounded by high end designer shops, lush cafes and restaurants, just 10 minutes walk from the Champs élysées, 20 minutes walk to the Eiffel tower and 30 minutes walk to the Jardin d’Acclimatation. This place is just fabulous for children! It’s acres and acres of land it is hard to believe that it is a 10 minute drive from all the shops and goings on of the centre! Me and little man spent 2 days on the trot there and would of gladly gone the next day if it wasn’t for cloudy weather!! It’s only €3 to enter and inside there is plenty to do!! There are lots of animals to see from a bear to a cow! Peacocks and ducks roaming around. An equestrian centre, several outdoor play areas for different age groups, an indoor play area, many places to eat and rides! The rides, enchanted river and small train you pay extra for but you don’t have to go on these there is plenty to do for just your three euros!! Obviously little man wanted to go on the rides so we purchased 10 tickets and had all the fun at the fair!! It really is a fabulous place, clean and well looked after if anyone visits Paris with children this place is a must! Little man went to bed talking about it and woke up the next day talking about it! It was the first thing he said…..”Miss Kimmy, animals we go animals” so it obviously made an impact on him! Happy Poppins! We also visited the aquarium which is in a great location 5 minutes from the Eiffel tower so you can have a look at the fishes then stroll round the tower and the gardens behind. Little man has a slight obsession with sharks (although this is now turning to trucks and diggers) so any aquarium in any country is a winner with him but I wasn’t over whelmed with this one!! It was busy and both times we visited we had to queue but i don’t think it was worth the €20 entrance fee well €19.90 but close enough! Little man enjoyed him self and saw lots of sharks his favourite bit i think was at the end where there is an area where you can pet the fish!! Yes that’s right pet a fish!! Giant gold fish been bombarded by hundreds of toddlers mucky little mitts!! I didn’t think it was a great idea personally but the kids (and rather a few adults) were loving it! Little man soon retreated though when a fish took a liking to one of his fingers!! What’s that nursery rhyme again….1, 2, 3 4 5 once I caught a fish alive……..!! After the aquarium we had a walk round the Eiffel tower, had a look at the boats along the Seine, ate a massive amount of candy floss and headed for home!
Such a great few days in Paris I would love to nanny here again and find out what other things there are for children. We just didn’t have enough time to research and get involved cos I’m going home tomorrow!! Yay!!
I’m feeling a little sad to be leaving little man as i have spent just over 2 months with him every day all day bar one!! We have become firm friends and I have seen a massive change in him not only mentally, but physically and socially also! He has become a lot more out going and talkative. He may not of grasped all of his colours but I am one very proud nanny!!!
My last post is going to be kind of a summary I think and my thoughts and feelings towards the position, the traveling, the family, the culture etc!
Until then when I’m back on British soil I shall bid you farewell……Poppins out!!

Pics attached speak for themselves!! The ones that don’t are probably the Jardin d’Acclimatation oh and business man doing business things!!



















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The fourth day out of the five!!

Hey hey hey one and all!!

Only 3 sleeps to go!! 3 teeny weeny sleeps, then homeward bound for sleep!! Whoop!!

I am way behind in the blogging world! I have spent 4 days in Paris and not wrote a thing about it!! Oh oh! I am slacking! Okay so here is the post about the last day in Divonne, well actually the second to last day and that was spent in Chamonix Mont Blanc! A very popular ski resort in France which funnily enough has the mountain Mont Blanc in it! I attached a pic of the peeps that apparently discovered or found the mountain. I haven’t done my research though so not entirely sure what the history is behind it! But it made for a good pic! They are pointing at the mountain! Obviously!
Little man is such an adaptable chap!! In the desert one day then the snowy mountains the next! He loved it and wanted to ski ski ski!! He even tried to ‘borrow’ a little girls skis whilst she was taking a break! Funny! Even the offer of building a snow man didn’t drag him away from the slopes! But then I thought he’s from the middle east why would he know what a snow man is!! Duh! There is a photographer on the ski school slopes capturing families and individuals special moments! He snapped a few shots of little man and little man was loving it!! He had his own paparazzi!! The prince that he is!! Finally he leaves the slopes well kicking and screaming he does! He thinks I am dragging him from the snow but I wasn’t! Only to softer snow so we can build a snow man!! Well attempt to build a snow man! We picked a spot outside an apartment block with at least 4ft of snow! Right on a corner where all passers by can look and laugh at the crazy nanny trying to stay stood up, keep little man from taking his shoes and gloves off, shovel snow with her hands like a frantic dog burying a bone all while trying not to fall onto the busy road and topple off the mini mountain the snow man was been built upon! Okay so body done and it’s looking good………now for the rolling of the head!! Momentum building, round shaped head forming!!! Proud Poppins! Said round shape is placed upon body and the finishing touches are put in place, today’s accessories are…….2 empty nespresso pods (eyes) a pine cone (nose) and several dates (smile) who needs a carrot?!?! These items are every snow man’s essentials! Especially when thats all you have to work with! So the nose is going in and……oh oh the head rolls off the body, off the mini mountain and splat there goes the roundness!! So now we have more of a snow ghost, a very wet and cold Poppins but a happy little man cos he just wrecked my hard work!! Gggggerrr!! Pic attached of snow ghost!! Coffee, cake and thaw out time!!
I like Chamonix a lot! It’s a funky place for young people but also somewhere where you can take the whole family! Lots of shops, bars, clubs, cafes and restaurants and even a casino there is plenty to do! And I hear the skiing is pretty amazing too! Apparently way up the mountain there are three tunnels made from the snow fall and depending on which one you ski through you can cross the borders to either Italy, France or Switzerland! This I think is cool! Once again easily pleased! There is even a man who I think thinks he is the olden day St Nicholas!! He offered us a ride in his sleigh but the smell of mulled wine and the stumble he did kinda put me off!
So after a busy day of walking, snow ghost making and taking in all the sights we head to collect the photos paparazzi man took then drive the hour and a half journey home where a yummy warm shower, stories and bed are waiting!

Next post is all about Paris! Divonne, Geneva and the mountains…….DONE!
Until then….Poppins out!












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Two and three days out of the five!

Friends, family, fans (maybe that’s a little bit of wishful thinking!) and randoms……..Bonjour/Bonsoir!!

I’m sad to say that my blogging I feel maybe coming to an end in a week or so! My Poppins adventures abroad are coming to an end and I’m not so sure people will want to read about my everyday goings on! I am now in Paris! We flew here this afternoon (Friday) from Geneva and I will be here till Thursday then UK bound!

So here are the last few days goings on from the other side of France and Geneva! Okay so Monday we ventured into Geneva again and had a walk round the shops, ventured into the toy shop where little man decided he wanted everything from cars to trucks, soft toys and barbies!! Crazy man! We came out with erm……nothing!! We then took a stroll to a fabulous shop selling chocolate called ‘Laderbach’ the smell when i entered was delicious!! And the chocolate tasted even more delicious than it smelt! Rows and rows of slabs of chocolate, with all sorts In from hazelnut to cranberry, different kinds milk, dark, white and pink! And I thought reasonably priced for such yumminess!! Obviously I purchased some……..but also may of just eaten it all!!! A certain someone may just be getting some in his birthday parcel! (if it lasts hiding in my case till then) We visited Geneva twice this week and both times I visited Globus (the place where i said I liked the deli area but couldn’t remember the name) well this was it! It’s a department store similar to Selfridges in the UK. On the ground floor there is a fab kind of food court area but much more sophisticated and chic! It is always busy, they have different areas from noodles to Panini’s from oysters to cakes. It’s funky and I am defo a fan!! Outside the entrance to Globus is the Place du Molard which is a rectangular pedestrianised area with bars and restaurants and a fabulous florist! It is a cobbled area and on every few stones is writing in every different language from around the world saying…..hello, good morning, good evening, welcome and see you soon. On an evening they light up and it’s such a pretty sight! Little man enjoyed playing stepping stones on them! The second time we went we went to the natural history museum of Geneva. It was fab here and a free day out for all the family! Little man loved it and it was very child friendly! Lots of stuffed animals like a whole rainforest, jungle, desert, safari, savannah, ocean and Antarctic all under one roof! Oh and dinosaurs! Not so many activities available or English to read but other than that we both had a jolly good time!! I would go again and most definitely recommend it to others!
After our days out in Geneva little man arrived home a sleepy and hungry boy! And we all know that is not a good combo!! He is starting to ask to go to bed after his shower which is super cute! Especially at such a young age! The other night he didn’t even manage it through the whole story!! Bless him! Talking of bedtime and sleepy people I am one of these persons!! I have one more post to blog from the other side of French lands…..Chamonix Mont Blanc, but this I shall do tomorrow! I need my beauty sleep! Paris is making me sleepy!!

Until then…..Poppins out!!

Sorry it’s not my best work!!
I’ve attached pics from Geneva….enjoy!













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One day out of 5…….

Fans of the adventures of Poppins………hey hey hey!!

So another few days have passed here in the land of the french! The time is going fast and in 6 sleeps time I will be homeward bound to the UK! High five to this! Some much needed family time is needed and a well deserved rest! I’m looking forward to getting back to my little house and having some homely comforts around….mainly a snuggle on the sofa with my man watching movies and eating chips and dips!! I have even prepared for my arrival home with a cleaner!! Rather OTT i know but having just a man living in the house for 2 months I know the dusting would not be dusted and the bathroom would be erm well manly! Eurgh! Every house needs a woman’s touch!! So thank you Sammi if you happen to read!!

Okay so the last 4 days what has been going on……
Well Sunday was the most walking I have done all year! Me and little man got all cosied up and headed out for a stroll into the town. Off we trundled in the sunny but cold February air down the hill to the park, it’s a great park with lots of things for all ages to play on the only down side was it was still rather snowy but the snow had turned to ice and it was rather hazardous!! I vote for the local council to grit or clear it! All those in favour……..?? Every Sunday in Divonne all year round they have a Sunday market on, selling olives, breads, wine, fish, clothing you know the usual market kind of thing including a ridiculous amount of rotisserie chicken!! They are mad for it here! The market was busy and had a fabulous atmosphere to it, the French are so chic even at a Sunday market…..carrying their wicker baskets looking all fabulous like they have just stepped out of a postcard and there was frumpy Poppins wearing 1980’s moon boots (with no snow) sporting a rather crazy hair do, sweating with the amount of layers one is wearing, scoffing a baguette and feeding little man like a duck whilst balancing the baguette on the hood of the push chair trying not to crash into said chic french persons!! Mary (Poppins) eat your heart out! There was a fab oyster bar/tent at the market also which was cool! Watching friends meeting up and having a glass of vino or bubbles over oysters! Although I’d rather have a fried egg sarni with a cup of tea chatting with friends! I’m not a fan of oysters but I’m thinking the fry up wouldn’t be as je’nais sa quois as the oysters and bubbles!! Or as chic….obviously!
Market done, a walk round the village done, lunch done and now for the walk back to the house! Ouch! Whilst on the walk back to the house we pass a shop selling all sorts of random things, little man sees a truck and screams and screams for the truck…I’m looking in the window at the truck and thinking ‘hmmmmmm this is not your average child’s toy, maybe a vintage collectors item’ so we ask the shop lady how much the truck is and sure enough she replies with ‘ it’s not for sale for children, it is for professional truck collectors’ No truck for little man, much to his disappointment! He was not a happy bunny! The walk into town was quite pleasurable taking in the sights but walking back……oh my oh my!! Poppins is one unfit Poppins the gradual incline would not beat me though……coat off, sleeves rolled up and I’m off! Little man is oblivious to my ordeal and is snoozing in the pushchair! We finally made it home a little sweatier than when we left (me not sleeping boy) just in time for an afternoon nap!!
The rest of the afternoon and evening was spent playing, painting and generally recovering from the mornings exercise!! Then the usual evening routine….dinner, bath, stories and snoozle!
I’ll blog the rest of the week in a new post as this one has become rather lengthy and all I’ve rambled on about is a market and how un fit i am. I’ve attached a few pics of from Sunday.

Until the rest of the week…….Poppins out!










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A different country!

Bonjour. Salut from the town of Divonne!!

So here it is my first post out of Kuwait in a very cold spa town called Divonne – Les – Bains it is in eastern France and is on the border to French speaking Switzerland between the foot of Jura mountains and Lake Geneva. (got to love Wikipedia) Geneva is only a 20 minute car ride away and I find it pretty cool that we enter another country every time we go out! Like i said before I’m easily pleased! You know a photo will be coming with me either side of the border! It’s a small town and as I discovered today the centre can be walked around in less than an hour! More on that later……..
Okay so the journey here…..well that was one I was dreading I had prepared myself for one looooooooong journey and had packed a hand luggage bag well, armed with toys, colouring books, stories, movies, snacks, several changes of clothes and a whole lot of Poppiness!! But the 7 hour flight with a 45 minute stop in Frankfurt was pain free and dare I say it……enjoyable!!! Little man was a dream child! Like an angel had sprinkled good behaviour dust on him and had a deal with Mr perfection himself! One happy nanny!! We had a morning flight at 11 and the driver had collected our 10 pieces of luggage beforehand and checked us in so all we had to do was turn up, bonus! So after a coffee off we went to board the plane! We were last on and had a few looks along the way! You know the ones you give people when you think ‘how can you be so late, it’s not like a bus when one comes every 20 minutes!’ anyhow seats found, seat belts on and ready to go! Traveling is grandparents (Mama’s side) Mama, little man and me. Boss man has had to postpone his flight for a few weeks due to business back in Kuwait so it’s me against the 3 soft touches! It’s going to be a tough couple of weeks!! Luckily they were sat else where on the flight so little man was super! He played, watched a movie, ate his lunch, slept for 3 hours, spoke to the man next to him, played some more, had a walk round, ate again and then we landed! We flew to Frankfurt first to drop people off and pick people up which I’ve not done before! It was like when the bus waits in the station for passengers to get on! But obviously on a grander scale! Aboard the flight were 2 poorly sick people in beds who were flown from Kuwait to Europe to have treatment. I later found out that the government in Kuwait pays for this to happen. I’m not sure what was wrong with the two people but i do hope they get the help that they need and can return back to Kuwait happy and healthy with their families.
Luggage collected, car loaded a telling off in french from the taxi man for putting my bag on the seat and we are on our way to my new home for the next couple of weeks. It is dark when we arrive so i can’t really see the surroundings but once entering the house I see that it is a beautiful modern house with an old twist. Timeless furniture and decor and a lot different from the Grandparents home in Kuwait but I could tell that they had bought a little bit of home to their home here. It’s a beautiful home, very spacious and a huge garden that at the moment is covered with icy snow! Danger!
The first full day here and after a much needed sleep we venture into Geneva for the afternoon. I am treated to a very delicious lunch then me and little man go for a stroll and play with the toys in the local department store. I can’t remember the name of this place but in my next post I will write about it because it has a fabulous delicatessen/food hall area!
It is SO very cold!! I am sure it’s not good for you to leave such warm temps then enter the minus temps!! I’m thinking plunge pool style!! Bbbbbbrrrrr!!
Little man has settled in well and is enjoying playing with his new toys here, it’s all exciting and he is a fan of the snow! Although when he fell over in it for the first time he cried and told us he had dudu (hurt himself) I think because it was so cold it had shocked him!
The next day we chill out at home in the morning, then take a trip to the local shopping centre I’m not going to call it a mall because it’s really not! Just a few shops, a department store and a supermarket. But lucky for me the department store sold Estée Lauder and once again I was reunited with the wonder cream!! I will be a beauty once again!! Hehe! Food shop done at Manor I like this supermarket it has lots of fresh items on sale….fish, pasta, meat, sushi, breads it’s like the Waitrose of the UK but better! Back home for dinner, bath, stories and bed! Little mans new favourite book is Shark in the Dark! It’s the sequel to Shark in the Park! Simple easy read and it rhymes which the little ones love!
Day 3 and we are going on an adventure all thermaled and moon booted up we drive the 1 hour 45 minute trip to Megeve which is a well known ski resort near Mont Blanc in the French alps! It is very popular with the famous, celebs and wealthy folk. It is a beautiful area with a very quaint town surrounded by mountains. In the centre there is many a restaurant, cafe, bar, cute boutique and shop. A church stands in the centre of the town and a river runs along the side. Lots of old buildings are to be seen and many still had Christmas decorations up which went with the giant Christmas that was still erect in the towns square! Looking slightly worse for wear I might add! Walking all around the town are several horse and cart with their owners braving the elements to take the young and old for a 15 minute trot in the cart around the surrounding area! Of course little man wanted to go! So after a scummy lunch which involved a rather scrumptious cheese fondue off we went on a bumpy ride tucked in with a blanket round the area to take in the sights! All i kept thinking is how strong the horse must be to pull a cart with me and the granddad! Just one poor horse! Little man loved it and as soon as we got off wanted to go again!! Instead we played in the snow and ate nutella crepes washed down with hot chocolate! When I Rome as they say! The crepe not the hot choc! After a day of horsey rides, mountain counting, playing in the snow and eating far to many calories (Poppins not little man) we go home to a cosy warm house ready for dinner, stories and bed and dreams of what the next day will bring on this new adventure……until then……Poppins out!

Attached are some pics from Megeve, a fab pizza little man had and some clouds! Random!!














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The last few days of my time in Kuwait

Hello hello hello!!!

This is my last post in the land that is Kuwait! Tomorrow I fly a little closer to home to spend a few weeks in Geneva, before London. Little man is all packed, I am all packed so now taking a relaxing bath and blogging! It’s the only way!!

Okay sooooo what’s new?!?! Well people hold onto your hats…….Poppins had a day off!! Whoop!! I took Friday off and spent the day walking!! I miss walking!! Not rambling walking or anything like that I’m not that keen but just a stroll!! First stop on the days adventure was to visit Kuwait towers exactly what it is a tower in Kuwait! Just by the ocean with amazing views! You can go up it and there is a restaurant at the top! On approaching the towers I was starting to think if it was such a good idea……they were so much taller close up!! I decided I should so off I went nervously to the booth to get my ticket to then be told…..”closed, no open” I asked what time it will be open and the answer was “we not know, they are building, making safe” Ah okay then, well that’s that! No whizzing up in an elevator 187m high for this nanny! Oh well I got some photos from the ground! (pics attached)
Next stop Marina crescent for lunch and a Starbucks. Friday here is the Saturday of the UK so it was crazy busy and the sun was shining which made it extra busy!! For lunch I decided on trusty Pizza Express! It was the most relaxing lunch I’ve had all year! Sat outside people watching and reading my book the only thing that was missing was a delicious cold glass of vino! But seen as there is a no alcohol law here I settled for a 7up! After lunch I took a stroll along the beach and took in the sights of families enjoying their time together. It was so lovely to see everyone together and them enjoying the weekend as a family. Every inch of grass up from the beach was filled with people having picnics, children on scooters and bicycles, nannies and their charges playing in the park, couples walking hand in hand and people enjoying life no matter what age, race or religion. People who don’t have a weekend house or those that don’t flock to the coast come here. I walked around taking in all the sights and listening to all the happiness it made me smile!!
After the hunt for a toilet stop I then popped over the bridge to Marina mall to do a spot of shopping! It’s an older and smaller mall than The Avenues but I like it! I purchased a couple of jumpers for the temperature drop when we travel and some other bits and bobs then headed to the exit to meet the driver for him to take me to the old Souk again. Over the weekend there is a mini market going on inside the Souk, lots of stalls selling traditional Kuwati items getting in the spirit to celebrate Kuwait’s day of independence. There was a real buzz around the Souk this time and it was so busy with people singing, shopping, chatting and eating in the cafes. A really good atmosphere and it was great to see people spending money. Last time I came i felt sorry for the people sat outside their stalls looking sad and lonely! This time they looked happy and full of life! I walked past the money exchange area and wowzers how crazy that was! Every currency you could possibly think of just underneath a piece of glass with a man doing the math and giving you your monies! No security as such or glass separating you and the man just a counter! Craziness! Not sure what the exchange rate was but I’m thinking I wouldn’t change my money there!
After a good 2 hours strolling around I decided to call it a day, it was the most walking I had done since arriving in Kuwait and I had a lovely day! No one to worry about but myself no little man nagging me or sitting on the floor playing trains and cars I actually felt like an adult! Ha! (very rare occurrence) Homeward bound back to Poppins world!
The next few days were ones of visiting family members before we fly and a visit to little man’s nursery for an interview!! Yes an interview at the grand old age of 2!! Ridiculous! But obviously needed!
Saturday, Sunday and Monday were busy with lunches and packing and getting final bits together for the next part of the journey. We went to Baroue for a play and I introduced little man to a chocolate chip frappuccino (no coffee please know) he loved it! He basically thought it was chocolate ice cream in a cup!
Tuesday was a busy day…..
School at 0930 we traveled 20 mins for a 2 minute interview! The teacher asked him a couple of questions he did a puzzle, picked some characters out of a line up of plastic figures and that was it interview over!! She said he was extremely clever and did not need to see anymore! Well of course he is! He has an amazing nanny that teaches him! Go team! Walking through the playground back to the car we bump into several cousins and little mans brother. Boss man meets up with his old teacher who funnily enough is teaching brother so we get invited in to the music class to join in with the singing and waving of flags! It was so sweet to watch all the children singing and getting involved! I didn’t understand a word of it but everyone was having fun!! Next The Avenues to buy new books cos Poppins is getting fed up of The Snail and The Whale every night! After a quick play in Baroue we go home for lunch and a snoozle and after it’s Wednesday lunch on a Tuesday!! Yay!! And here was me thinking I had had my last one! I stock up on all the delicious dishes so much so I feel slightly nauseous after! Fatty bum bum! We visited a new mall on Monday morning one with designer brands such as Cartier, Chanel, Gucci, Louis Vuitton and litter and walks past a shoe shop and decided he likes the look of the shoes so ventures in….it turns out to be a Christian louboutin shoe shop so of course Poppins doesn’t mind walking round looking and lusting after the pretty shoes!!
All packed and ready to go my time here in Kuwait has come to an end………When I first found out i would be coming here I didn’t really know what to expect. When i got here I found a country that I would visit again not as a holiday destination but with work. The people I met along the way were all kind, caring and generous from family members to people in shops and restaurants nothing is to much trouble! I have been looked after extremely well! The traffic is crazy and the people driving on the roads are crazier! Food is a massive thing here and a lot of the days are planned around lunches and dinners! Hence the weight i have put on!! It has been an eye opener when attending the children’s birthday parties how many gifts they get and how noisy they are! How every child has a nanny if you have more than one child each child has a nanny! I missed walking, fresh air and greenery! But didn’t miss the cold and the dullness of winter! At times Kuwait can be boring especially with children but I think if you have a structured planned week of activities and you know where to go it is easier and more enjoyable! I don’t think the children over here get to do outdoor activities or exercise as much as they should but with the summers getting brutally hot it’s difficult to be outside as much as they would like to be. Even the play parks don’t get played on in summer only at sunset time. All In all i have enjoyed my time here and I am happy I saw old and new Kuwait. I have learned a lot and found that it is certainly a more relaxed middle eastern country, more cosmopolitan and up to date! It’s not a problem what you wear whether it be traditional dress or the latest fashion. It is a very clean country and very friendly. I am sure there is a darker side to Kuwait politics, religion etc but this is not what I know about or what I want to know about. I am happy to come and go and take in the daily life as it comes!
I have attached some pics of the towers, the souk and some randoms including fire men! Random indeed!

Until Divonne i shall bid you a Bonsoir…….Poppins out!



















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